Load Cells

With an extensive range of load cells Procon Engineering delivers the right weighing platforms for your needs, including bag fillers belt weighers and tank weighing systems. Our range of load cells are used across all market sectors, including Food Processing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and general bulk industry applications.

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LP33 Shear Beam


LP35 Shear Beam


LP44 – Load Cell Assembly


LP95 Folded Shear Beam


SP90 – Load Measuring Shear Pin

7188 Shear Beam

7188 Shear Beam

Screen Shot 2018 07 27 at 14.59.02

Lever Mount


Master Mount

Type T20 Low Profile Load Cell Assembly

T20 Load Cell

Type LP72 S Type Stainless Steel Load Cell

LP72 Tension Load Cell

Type LP50 DS1000 Compression Load Cell

LP50 Compression Cell

Type LP20 cantilever beam load cell for harsh industrial environments.fw

LP20 Bending Beam