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Lever Mount

Capacities 500kg to 5000kg

  • Load cell is fully welded and hermetically sealed to IP68 and IP69; cable sheath is polyurethane
  • Fast load cell installation/removal without jacking or dummy/false cells, while vessel is full
  • Substantial anti-lift protection
  • Can be mounted radially or tangentially
  • Cast, grade 316 stainless steel mount (3 sizes)
  • Stainless steel OIML C3 or C6 approved load cell (Ex approval* available)
  • Stable, shim-free 3 point mounting
  • Allows for large amount of vessel expansion/contraction
  • Version for static application and dynamic applications (e.g. floor scales
  • Tolerant of steelwork misalignment
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The LeverMount® is a unique well-established load cell weighing assembly that makes installation much simpler, safer and more cost-effective than traditional assemblies. Its innovative design allows for fast load cell installation without any jacking tools or dummy (false) load cells – even with a loaded tank/hopper. It is available in 3 sizes, with reference to the load cell capacity: LeverMount® Lite (5 to 200kg). LeverMount® 300 to 2500kg and LeverMount® 3000 to 5000kg.

All Procon Engineering load cells come with a 3 year warranty.

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ATEX Certification

The LP20 bending beam or LP35 sheer beam load cells used in the dust zones. Using the ‘ta’ mode of protection, these load cells can be used without safety barriers in all dust zones (20, 21, 22) – creating significant cost savings.

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* 2500kg capacity version is not ATEX approved


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LP95 Folded Shear Beam


LP35 Shear Beam


SP90 – Load Measuring Shear Pin