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Load Cell and Load Pins

Designed for use in harsh elevated temperature and radioactive environment applications, single, double and triple strain gauge and bridge configurations are available. The product range includes annular, compression and single / double ended shear beam load cells together with bespoke load pins. Special mounting assemblies are also available to ensure optimised load introduction.

Specialist Instrumentation and software

Procon’s EP52 (EP50 MKII) Weight Indicator & Controller meets functional safety requirements for ‘Smart Instruments’ and is certified for use in SIL1 rated applications in accordance with BS EN 61508. The instrument features special high integrity software for functional safety and incorporates a unique intelligent watchdog system. Multiple EP52 Controller configurations can be used to provide redundancy to increase SIL ratings.

The quality of design and manufacture of our weighing systems is assured using special processes accredited under Procon’s ISO9001 management system.

Since 2003 organisations in the EU have been required to follow directives to protect persons from the risk of explosion in areas with an explosive atmosphere. There have been a series of further directives since then of which the latest is ATEX directive 2014/34/EU which became mandatory on April 2006.

Procon Engineering has extensive experience in the implementation of weighing systems in hazardous areas. Our range of load cells and instrumentation meets the latest ATEX requirements for both gas and dust environments. We can provide systems for a wide range of process applications. All Procon’s ATEX approved equipment is marked with the

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