Type GS101HR
Weight Transmitter

  • IP65/NEMA4 ABS housing for wall or surface mounting enclosure
  • Isolated 4-20mA and 0-10V outputs
  • Large 6 digit LCD display with optional back lighting
  • Gross, net, tar and print functions
  • One pass auto calibration
  • MODBUS RTU communication protocol
1530 5

The GS101HR intelligent load cell amplifier offers both 4 – 20mA and 0 – 10 volt analogue outputs as standard. Ease of calibration and setting of the analogue output range, make the unit extremely user friendly; being set up from the front panel keypad.

“Plug In” Output Options Include:

Relay set point module – Programmed in engineering units, with In Flight compensation and Hysteresis Settings available for control or alarm purposes.

Printer Module – Activated by a function key will allow a printer, if connected to display the current live value, with header message, engineering units, auto incrementing batch number and a real time/date signature if required.

Communications modules – To read any value, change set points or any other parameter via: 20mA Current loop RS485 RS232

Power Supply Options – 220 – 230V AC | 110 – 120V AC | 9 – 32V DC

Others – Remote display module; LCD display back lighting; DIN rail mounting for the CPU Programmable function key disabling

Protocols – MODBUS RTU @ 9600 Baud.


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