Type EP23 Weight
Indicator / Controller

  • 4 relay trip outputs rated at 5A
  • Analogue output options
  • Optional IP65 front cover or wall mounting box
  • 6-digit 20mm Red LED display (5 digit range)
  • 10 point linearisation
  • Optional serial interfaces – RS232 and RS485
1530 5

The EP23 Weight Indicator has been designed to be simple to configure. It is easy to set up because no menu is used.

The front panel has a 6 digit, 7-segment display window for displaying the measurement. It allows decimal point and minus sign characters to be included and has 4 alarm annunciators to show the status of each alarm relay.

The front panel pushbuttons each have a LED to show which setting is being altered.

The Weight Indicator / Controller can give alarm outputs, scaled and isolated analogue outputs and isolated serial data communication when fitted with option boards.

The EP23 is also available as a process display meter version, where the load cell input is replaced with either 4-20mA or 0-10V signal inputs.


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