EP52 Digital
Belt Weigher Controller

  • Digital resometric input
  • Tachometer input for precise measurement of actual belt speed
  • Optimised to maximise the resometric beltweigher input
  • 2 programmable serial interfaces with various protocols including Modbus
  • 114mm x 64mm backlit graphics and text display
  • Optional outputs of live weight, flow rate, and totalised values
  • Belt speed control, and batch control
  • Dynamic zero compensation facility
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The EP52 Digital Belt weigher Controller is the latest in a long line of dedicated controllers from Procon, used for demanding Beltweighing applications in the harshest environments.

The EP52 Digital Belt weigher Controller is equipped with modern electronics for field bus connections.

As opposed to Analogue Load Cell Beltweighing systems, the Procon/Inflo Digital Beltweigher has no moving parts. At the heart of the scale is the Digital Resometric Force Transducer that provides unequalled levels of measurement performance that are repeatable for many years. The resonant frequency changes in proportion to the applied load passing over the carriage rollers, this change in frequency is processed by the electronics and combined with the belt travel speed (as measured by the Tachometer) provides an accurate weight reading per unit time.

A very powerful controller, housed in a compact enclosure with a sealed IP65 front panel, ensuring High performance combined with long-term repeatability.

Also suitable for the upgrade of existing Procon/Inflo Beltweighing installation/applications.


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