SCPSingle CellPlatform

SCP (Single Cell)
Platform Scale

Capacities from 3 – 150 kg

  • Wide choice of sizes and capacities from 3 – 150 kg
  • Positive overload protection at each corner preventing load cell damage
  • Hygienic design without crevices
  • EC ‘Legal for Trade’ even in hazardous areas (with suitable weight indicator)
  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Removable top cover for cleaning
  • Compatible with full range of weight indicators and batch controllers
  • ATEX certified versions for gas and dust Ex areas
1530 5

Wide range of applications

The SCP scale with capacity from 3 – 150 kg is a light capacity scale and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The stainless steel versions are particularly suitable for the food and chemical industries


The SCP is compatible with the entire range of Procon weighing instruments including intrinsically safe weight indicators for hazardous area applications and instruments for ‘legal-for trade’ weighing.


The SCP is built from robust steel closed sections with continuous welds. A single constant moment load cell is used and the design employs no levers or flexures for maximum reliability.

Overload stops at each corner protect the cell from severe off-centre loads. A removable top cover protects the scale from spillages etc.

Hazardous area use

When the SCP is to be used in areas where there may be a risk of an explosive atmosphere being present, either due to dust or vapour, then an intrinsically safe ATEX certified load cell is available.

High accuracy

The SCP design is suitable for legal-for-trade weighing with a 3000 divisions approval. For non-trade applications higher resolutions can be specified all with excellent linearity and stability.


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FCP Four Cell Platform Scale

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