FCGLP – Gas Lift
Platform Scale

Capacities 300 – 1000kg & 600 – 3000kg

  • Lifting top plate provides easy and safe access for cleaning
  • Gas-spring assisted lift and support for top plate
  • Choice of materials and finishes including GMP (FDA) finish for pharmaceutical plants
  • ATEX certified versions for gas and dust Ex areas
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and food applications where hygiene is critical
  • Safety-support enhances safe working
  • Compatible with the full range of Procon weight indicators and batch controllers
  • EC “legal for trade” even in hazardous areas (with appropriate weight
1530 5

Ideal for Hygienic Environments

Some processes must be carried out in sterile areas to avoid product contamination. Weigh scales for use in these areas must be designed without traps or crevices so they can be cleaned to a very high standard.

These considerations have meant that weigh scales mounted in pits have not been popular as the pits created an obvious hygiene problem. But some weighing tasks are best carried out with scales that are flush with the floor. Weighing a mobile vessel of the type popular in pharmaceutical processing is much easier when it can be pushed onto a flush mounted floor scale rather than up, even a shallow, ramp. The FCGLP scale satisfies all these operational concerns. The stainless steel top-plate can be easily and safely raised to allow easy access to the pit for cleaning and maintenance.

Construction and Lifting Mechanism

The single piece lid is hinged at the rear edge and secured by two quarter-turn latching screws on the front. When these are released, the lid can be raised with gas – springs beneath the top plate providing most of the lifting effort. In the raised position, the gas -springs safely support the top plate whilst cleaning or maintenance is carried out.

The gas -springs are manufactured in 316 stainless steel and the complete scale is available in 304L or 316L stainless with a choice of finishes to meet client’s requirements. Certificated Ra finishes can be supplied to meet client’s site requirements.

Each scale has four stainless steel load cells, sealed to IP68, with a junction box for signal cables.

The scale can be supplied as freestanding or dormant with a stainless steel pit frame.

ATEX directive

If the area of use is zoned as hazardous (i.e. there is a potential dust or gas hazard present) then the ATEX certified version should be specified.

Legal for Trade

With the appropriate weight indicator, an FCGLP scale can be stamped for ‘legal for trade’ weighing even within a potentially explosive area.


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1530 1B

Series 1530 Industrial Weighing Platform

1534 Hosedown

Type 1534 Hosedown Weighing Platform

Series 1533DT “Drive Thru” Weighing Platform.fw

Series 1533DT “Drive Thru” Weighing Platform