EP52 Loss in
Weight Controller

  • IP65 front panel with 114mm x 64mm backlit graphics and text display
  • Automatic or manual hopper refill control
  • Integrate with PLC’s and SCADA systems
  • Optional analogue inputs and outputs, onboard digital I/O control, two serial communication ports
  • 50 product tables
  • Direct high speed motor control interfaces
  • Ethernet IP & ProfiBus DP optional interfaces
  • Tachometer input which can be used for precise measurement of actual feeder speed
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The EP52 loss in weight controller is the latest in a long line of dedicated controllers from Procon, used for demanding dosing and blending operations.

Conventional loss in weight controllers use the principle of high resolution weighing to control the flow rate of material. Highly sensitive weighing is also highly sensitive to noise and interference from local surroundings.

The Procon loss in weight controller approach, however, is unique and radically different. The system constantly reviews the density of the material, and applies highly sophisticated knowledge based algorithms to maintain an exact flow rate, even during periods of extreme interference from surroundings.

The “state of the art” electronics within the controller incorporates customised gate arrays to control all repetitive peripheral functions, leaving the central processor free to concentrate on processing the sophisticated high level knowledge based algorithms, which allows the controller to “learn” and automatically optimise the performance of the feeder.

A very powerful controller, housed in a compact enclosure, having continuous knowledge based loss in weight control.


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