EP52 Batch &
Process Controller

  • IP65 front panel
  • Fully programmable high level sequence control language – on site
  • Primary load cell, input with additional analogue process inputs and outputs option modules.
  • Integrate with PLC’s and SCADA systems
  • 99 recipes – 16 ingredients user defined & named
  • 114mm x 64mm backlit graphics and text display
  • Ethernet IP & ProfiBus DP optional interfaces
  • 2 programmable serial interfaces with various protocols including Modbus
1530 5

The EP52 Batch Controller is a versatile process control instrument capable of controlling a complete plant area. At the heart of the Batch controller is a unique and powerful sequence control language designed to be easily programmed by plant engineers but having the flexibility to meet the requirements of sophisticated control applications. Using a few straightforward commands the user can build a control sequence capable of managing a process all the way through to the final product.

Central to the batch controller operation is the recipe system. A recipe may be likened to the list of different ingredients, and the quantities used when following a recipe from a domestic cookery book. Using the same analogy, the method can be compared to the Batcher sequence. It describes the order in which ingredients are added, when they are mixed, heated or cooled etc. Multiple recipes can be stored and these may be easily selected and used by the Batch controller in conjunction with the sequence, to manufacture the final products.

The EP52 is also available as a Loss of Weight or Beltweigher Controller using identical hardware.


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